Poem: Let’s Do Something Bizarre


There is beauty in the bizarre,
It can take you very far,
It can make you a star,
So, let’s do something bizarre,
And be happy with who you are!

This world is so mundane,
Let’s dance in the rain,
Walk down the memory lane,
Forget the problems, bury the pain;
Feel free and break the chain.

There’s no harm in breaking the rules,
Even if you are nice the world is cruel,
Have courage and abandon the fools,
Do something great and they will drool,
Work hard and just be cool.

What people think doesn’t matter,
Let them gossip, let them chatter;
Empty vessels you know they clatter,
Don’t let your confidence shatter,
It’s your life you know better.

In taking the road less travelled,
You never know what you unravel,
Fear, adventure, heaven or hell,
Upon discovery you will come to tell,
To the dreary life bid farewell!

Written By Shumila Malik


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