Poem: Afraid

I thrive in darkness,
I am afraid of light.
I dwell in sadness,
Joys give me fright.

I am a dead flower,
Withered in the rain.
In the lonely hours,
Immune to my pain.

Sitting on the rooftop,
I stare at the sky.
Waiting for time to stop,
So, in peace I could cry!

An unknown tomorrow,
A game life has planned.
Floating in my sorrow,
I wait for my end!

Written By Shumila Malik


Poem: 16 Things I Love About You

1. I love the way you make me feel happy all the time,
2. I love the way you confirm that you are always mine.
3. I love the way you look at me and make my heart beat,
4. I love the way you smile at me whenever our eyes meet.

5. I love the way you order my food- it shows that you care,
6. I love the way you are kind to me on the days when I’m difficult to bear.
7. I love the way you come home to help me even when you are far,
8. I love it when you take me for long drives in your car.

9. I love to hear you when you talk to me about your different moods,
10. I love the way you dress up like a cool, handsome dude.
11. I love the way you express your love with sincerity in your eyes,
12. I love it when you give me compliments like ‘You are so pretty’ or
‘You are so nice!’

13. I love it when I’m thinking about you and you appear from nowhere,
14. I love it when for me you are always there.
15. I love the way you make me smile every time I’m sad,
16. I love it when you tell me you want to become our child’s dad!
Written By Shumila Malik

The Goal

When I was small, I lived with the notion that life was a gift and that it should be enjoyed. I believed that fulfilment of my desires was the ultimate goal. My ideas were further made concrete by the quotes and words I read. My favourite quote from childhood was  “You have only one life and one chance to do everything you want to do.” Soon I found my affinity for this world growing and becoming intense with each passing day.
Being an avid reader, I devoured books. And everything I read was from the western stand point. Books like Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty And The Beast, Little Women, Aladdin etc influenced my thoughts. The TV shows that shaped my adolescence exhibited “freedom”, “liberty” and “doing your own thing”.

As a young girl, I wanted to explore life. I wanted to experiment and learn and grow. I wanted to make mistakes and own them. That was life in my definition. Setting yourself free. Making a statement. It was like a dream. Walking on the road to self-discovery! I wanted to follow my heart and see where it led me because in my opinion that’s how you find yourself, that’s how you become you. Perilous yet enthralling. Little did I know that in the name of self-discovery I was inviting my own doom.
I am a Muslim. Not that Muslims can’t enjoy life. No, it’s not like that. But as a practicing Muslim today, I know that my attachment to this world is detrimental. The more I adore this world, the more miserable I’m going to be. Allah has not given me this life to simply relish. There is a purpose. I can’t just direct all my focus and energy towards the attainment of my desires. And what should my desire be in the first place? If someone had asked me this question when I was 18, I would have confidently answered, “Travel, Meet celebrities, Live in a mansion. Fine dining etc ” Such were my dreams. How shallow of me to think such worldly things could give me joy.

Today, I have realized that this life is temporary and that attachment to this world will only inflict me and bring me heartbreak. It is sad that I had to go through excruciating pain to learn this lesson. But I am glad I have understood it. I know that life is a gift. But it is also a test. The ultimate goal is not fun or freedom. The ultimate goal is to seek Allah’s pleasure and make a home in Jannah. This life is only a trial. Real life, the perfect and everlasting one awaits me in Jannah. That’s my permanent home! Not this world!

Written by Shumila Malik

Short Story: At Midnight

It was a dark, windy night. Though it was only 8 0′ clock, it looked like the earth had already engulfed in darkness. I could hear nothing but the sound of fear around me. The gigantic waves stared at me as if they were planning to swallow me.

It was the weekend. I and my family members were having a wonderful time on the beach. We hadn’t found time for leisure in months, so today was a real treat. It was a day as perfect as a pearl. Everyone wore their most brilliant smiles. We found joy in the togetherness, in the love and warmth and safety that only a family could provide.

My sister spent her day walking along the seashore, admiring nature and collecting seashells while my two brothers were playing Flying Saucers with mom and dad. As for me, well, being a loner that I am, I was on my own.

I sat out on an adventure in silence. From the place where our hut was, I could see a high, metallic bridge. It shimmered in the sun and captivated my attention like it was a diamond mine. I decided to explore it. Amidst the noise, fun and laughter in the background, I sneaked out and made a clean escape.

I strode towards the gleaming bridge like it was paramount to my existence. When I climbed it finally, I stood there in awe for the first few seconds. The world below looked spectacular. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. I clicked countless pictures of the heart-stopping sight and when I was finally content, I decided to return to my hut. Preoccupied in quietude, I had lost track of time but I noticed the dazzling sun had now become very tiny and dull.

Finally when I reached my hut, it was pitch-dark and the place was quiet. I knocked the door several times but no answer. I looked around but there was no sign of my parents or siblings. A strange sense fear engulfed me. I looked around but saw no one. In that moment, reality struck me like a bolt of lightning. I freaked out. My parents had left me behind. I was alone, on a cold, dark beach.
I tried my cellphone several times but the troubled network gave no access to any calls or texts. I began sobbing. Hot, fat, heavy tears began sliding down my cheeks. In my agony I was alone.

The sky was getting darker and the wind was becoming fierce. I walked towards the seashore, gazed at the starry sky and spoke to God for a while. I found a little solace then but soon the crashing waves began intimidating me. The last thing I remember was a big hand, as cold as ice, covering my face. I shrieked but my throat couldn’t produce any sound. The next day, in the early morning hours, my body was found floating in the sea…

Written By Shumila Malik

Poem: Sincerity

You were my yesterday,
My today and tomorrow.
Without you now,
I live with my sorrow.

You were my wish,
My dream, my desire;
You were the light,
A flickering fire.

You were my smile,
My peace, my joy;
But you left me broken,
Like an old, used toy!

You are still my everything,
Like you used to be.
But it does not matter, 
Because you do not care;
About my sincerity!

Written By Shumila Malik

Poem: Deceived

My life is in a clutter of sadness,
In the wrong places I looked for happiness.
In the quiet moments when I’m alone,
I”m transported into a world unknown.

I ask myself, “What have I gained?”
In the web of lies there was only pain.
I lived, I loved, I lost, I failed;
I was caged, tortured and jailed.

In the deceptive arms of dear life,
Wounded and stabbed with a knife.
Bleeding, hurting, tormented soul,
My heart now lives with a burning hole.

Life hears nothing one has to say,
The evil games that people play.
I ask Allah to hear my voice,
Those who hurt me will never rejoice!

Written By Shumila Malik

Poem: Forever Everywhere

Allah is there.
To wipe my tears,
To eradicate my fears.

Today and tomorrow,
In every sorrow,
He is there.
Always near,
Ready to hear.

In the present and past,
In my future too;
He is there.
I won’t despair,
He’s not going anywhere.

No need to worry,
There is so hurry;
He is there.
He will always care,
He is never unfair.

In happiness and sadness,
Even in my madness,
Allah is there.
He knows I’m sincere,
My broken heart He will repair!

Written By Shumila Malik

Poem: Until You Came Along

She never knew love until you came along,
She never felt pain until you were gone.
Now her broken heart sings a sad song,
It tells her it will never move on!

In her dreary world you were the light,
Why have you left her over a stupid fight?
Together you both can face this plight,
How can she be happy when you are quiet?

She can’t imagine you ever going away,
Her mind’s blank but she has so much to say.
Come back and together find a way,
Isn’t love a reason enough for you to stay?

She can’t sleep or eat or do anything right,
Painful are her days and cruel are her nights.
You are on her mind as this poem she writes,
The thought of losing you fills her with fright!

Written By Shumila Malik