Poem: Inside Me


I hide behind sunsets, romance and stars,
That’s the way I hide my scars.
If truth be told I’m anger and storm,
Yet I have inside me love and warmth.
I am lightning! I’m thunder!
I like to think. I love to wander.

Am I really sadness and gloom?
Oh yes,I enjoy being alone in my room.
From crowds and parties I stay away,
I despise the cunning games that people play.
I love books and I love to write.
Since I’m blunt, people think I bite!

Romantic emotions I don’t find appealing,
I believe I’m empty and unfeeling.
I don’t need a companion; I want to be free,
I see myself like a strong, lasting tree.
The only love I know is my love for teaching,
I love to open minds, I love preaching!

Trusting people I find impossible,
Whenever I do,they make me feel horrible;
I like to stay quiet, often invisible,
I’m weird. I’m inexplicable!
For my loved ones, I’m always there;
Can’t see them in pain for I truly care!

Written By Shumila Malik


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