Poem: My Agonizing Ride


I’m frightened of being alone,
Fear penetrates into my flesh and bone.
Today, I’m strong but not for long,
A day will come when my strength will be gone.

I’m desolate and I’m afraid,
By my loved ones I’ve been betrayed.
What if a car hits me and crushes my bones,
With pain then I will scream and moan.

I have nobody around,
In a sorry state I’ll drown.
With a bent back and shaking hands,
Unable to walk, unable to stand!

With old age I may lose my mind,
Maybe weakness will also make me blind,
I wonder sometimes how I’m going to end,
A helping hand, will someone lend?

Strong, hard-working, enthusiastic today,
With time and age in bed I’ll lay.
Will there be someone by my side?
To help me through my agonizing ride!

Written By Shumila Malik


5 thoughts on “Poem: My Agonizing Ride

  1. My dear, what makes you think a car will hit you or you’ll have a sad ending? Your poem is beautiful but you need to be a little positive. Old age is not always how you have described it. Be happy and keep writing! 🙂

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