Poem: You Lied!



Her life is such a wreck,
You said you’d fill the cracks.
She made a horrible mistake,
Now she realizes your love was fake.

Everyday she discovers something new,
It changes her view about you.
You said you loved her but you lied,
Her life is one huge, threatening tide!

How could you have done this?
Stupid of her! How did she miss?
She gave you all her love and care,
What you’re doing is cruel and unfair!

Can someone be so self-centered?
She was glad when her life you entered.
But you’re not worthy of her affection,
You are all talks but no action.

You say you love her but you don’t,
You should accept it but you won’t!
How frustrating it is to be with you,
When she knows nothing is true!

Written By Shumila Malik


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