Poem: The Journey Of Life


I walk on a dark and twisted road called life,
Feeling dejected, I’m now tired of everyday strife,
I have been fighting all my life but not anymore,
Now aching everywhere, my wounds feel awfully sore.

I want some rest, perhaps a little peace of mind,
I want to hide somewhere from this world unkind,
I lay on the floor shattered like pieces of glass,
All I ever see now is darkness; I’m about to pass.

In my world so dark and mundane,I once saw light,
But it was only a mirage; couldn’t end my plight,
My dreams and desires have,like me turned to smoke,
With sadness in my eyes I see life as a cruel joke!

Sometimes I laugh hysterically like mad men do,
Laughter too proves useless for I still remain blue,
I’m so frightened to continue my journey in any way,
Filled with horror,I find this world scary and grey!

Written By Shumila Malik


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