Poem: A Plastic Doll

I am a plastic doll,
Played around by all.
My heart’s made of steel,
So, I do not feel.

Talk to me or if you want mock,
For my feelings are made of rock.
My eyes are glass and glitter,
My emotions are trash and litter.

I smile to you as you please,
I’m here for you for your ease.
Play with me all you want,
Have fun or if you wish taunt.

For dolls you know cannot speak,
Your love and care they do not seek.
They are not real, just a toy,
They do not know how to cry.

Throw me on the floor or walk away,
I will have nothing to say.
For I do not scream or weep,
I do not have a heart that beats!

Written By Shumila Malik


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