Love is…

When I was small, I thought love was red roses, expensive gifts and candlelit dinners at private beaches. I imagined love as something grand and romantic and larger than life maybe. But today, I know love is those little things he does for you that make you feel wanted. 

Love is when he lets you eat his favourite piece of meat. Love is when he orders Cheesy Fries because he knows you love them. Love is when he makes you feel like Miss Universe even when you know you are ordinary-looking. Love is when you eat his lunch after a long, tiring day even though he is hungry, but you know he would understand your hunger pangs!  Love is sharing your secrets with him and knowing that you can trust him. Love is feeling safe when you are with him. 

Love is when he gives you all his attention. Love is when he is honest with you about everything whether you like it or not! Love is not only holding hands or watching the sunset or saying “I love you!” Love is stressful and annoying. It is found in those complicated emotions that drag you to the edge, tearing you apart, making you think if what you are going through is really worth it. Love is not perfect. It makes lots of mistakes! 

Love is broken promises and forgotten words. Love is not always forever. Sometimes love is two people walking on the same road but eventually moving in different directions. Sometimes, it is just “enjoy while it lasts” kind of thing! Love is heart-break and weeping eyes!

Love is when you both have practically nothing to talk yet you are comfortable in that silence. Love is when one person loses his temper, and the other is quiet. Love is patience. Love is happily wearing clothes of his choice. 

Love is also getting irritated with each other. Love is those regular fights and arguments that make you either cry or scream at him. Love is when you hate him but still choose to love him. Love is friendship on fire. Love is when you talk to Allah Almighty about him with tears in your eyes and pray for his success and happiness. Love is when you want to perform Hajj holding his hand. Love is when you wish to unite with him in Jannah. 

Written By Shumila Malik


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