Poem: The Kiss


Fragile she was but he was strong,
Upon his tune her heart sang a song.
Heart beats were loud as they stood still,
In the distant world she was on a hill.

Closer they came in the silence of the noon,
In the broad daylight she saw the smiling moon.
Imprisoned in his arms trembling in fear,
She felt very nervous to have him so near.

At his touch her body went numb,
In her mind she heard a constant hum.
Magical moment and desires intense,
They robbed the mind of every sense.

His mouth first grazed her cheek,
That intimate feeling made her weak.
Slowly and calmly he kissed her lips,
Into a trance they both had slipped.

She closed her eyes and drifted far away,
As his lips continued the foreplay.
His hug was tight making her warm,
So powerful was that emotional storm!

The world went spinning before her eyes,
His kiss had her blank and hypnotized.
Breathless she was and so was he,
But both of them were full of glee!

Written By Shumila Malik


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