My First Time

I was nervous. My stomach was churning. It was excitement and fear all rushing together making me dizzy. He began slowly and calmly, comforting me through out our journey. I was so scared at first. I had shut my eyes tightly for the first few seconds. But he did everything he could to get rid of my fear. He stopped every few minutes to ask me how it was going and I only had one thing to say. That I was afraid.

My heart was pounding so hard I thought it would escape through my chest. My body was cold and I was trembling. My shaky hands never left his shoulders. The universe felt like it was going to explode. My subconscious started warning me. Was it a mistake? Fear was such that I couldn’t breathe. I thought I would faint any moment. My body was under too much stress. 

My muscles felt like they were playing tug of war, each pull making me go through interminable moments of great agony. And before I knew it, it was over! He stopped.I gave a sigh of relief. My legs were stiff though. I was shaken and must have looked pale. Nevertheless, it was a moment of exquisite joy. He stood there smiling at me through his helmet. I didn’t know riding a bike could be such an exhilarating experience…   🙂 

Written By Shumila Malik


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