Poem: A Word With God


Guide me, help me, show me the light;
The Satan within me I’m struggling to fight.
I know I’m bringing my own ruin,
In my attempt to succeed and win.

My heart is turning cold and black,
Before my death put me on the right track,
I am aware of the sins I commit everyday,
Ya Allah! Forgive me and show me the way,

I’m weak but my desires are strong,
Help me and stop me from doing wrong.
My heart is covered with a dark spot,
I’m forgetting the good I was once taught.

Each day brings me closer to my grave,
I’m trying so hard to be brave.
But I feel helpless and now I’m crying,
I’m just so exhausted of trying.

Ya Allah! Please don’t ever leave me alone,
In the hell fire, I do not want to be thrown.
Help me to battle the evil and vice,
Give me the courage to sacrifice.

To you I belong, only you I want to obey;
With a broken heart I stand to pray.
My eyes are wet, my soul is cracked;
My whole life is totally wrecked.

You are the most gracious, you
are the most kind,
Awaken me my Lord; don’t let me be blind!
Ya Allah! Save me from Satan, save me from pain;
A beautiful place in Jannah I wish to gain!

Written By Shumila Malik


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