Poem: Teen Romance


        Your books hide roses and pink cards,
        In your journals you draw big hearts.
                              Nights are special as you are alone,
                              Gleefully you both talk on the phone.

                             It's only your hormones you are told,
                             You feel parents and teachers are too old.
                             Sharing secrets waiting for loving calls,
                             Those affectionate eyes locking into yours!

                             Mind candy, seduction and moonshine,
                             Tender moments and pretty lines.
                             Heart breaks, tears and fights,
                             In those moments you want to hide.

                             Soon you both decide to reconcile,
                             Can't stay apart not even for a while.
                             Promises to stay with each other forever,
                             Determined to never let go ever.

No time to study, eat or drink;red-hearts-sparkle-lovely-valentine-day-bokeh-photo-love-hd-wallpaper   
With happiness now you've a close link.
It's so cute and beautiful what you feel,
In sadness it has the power to heal.

At 16 you're sure you know everything,
You're again told it's nothing but a fling.
                          But you know clearly what your heart desires,
                             Inside you is passion, a burning fire!

                             Dates and dinners under the starry sky,
                             Without each other it's better to die.
A year passes, maybe one more;1336613-bigthumbnail
Soon you feel you're getting bored.

Besides, you've presentations to make,
Studies are demanding no time for break
Out of the blue enters college someone, 
You feel your heart will jump and run.

Encouraged by friends you take a chance,
                             There sparks again a whole new romance.
                             Was your last one a joke, a time pass?
                             Oh no, it was just so silly and crass!

                             Let's not dig into that stupid past,
                             You are sure this new one would last.
                             Years pass by making you realize,
                             Adulthood is a time to prioritize.
You dump someone, someone dumps you;
Those were the days when you weren't you.
All that boy-girl thing was foolish you think,
Before the mirror now you smile and wink!

Written By Shumila Malik

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