Poem: I Seek Refuge


I am a sinner covered in filth,
Overwhelmed by remorse and guilt.
Before you I lower my head,
Thinking about my hereafter;
I’m filled with dread.

Are my prayers not reaching the sky?
To become a good human each day I try.
But my sins are mounting day by day,
I ask for forgiveness for peace I pray.

Stop me from doing what displeases you,
This life is short and days are few.
My mind is restless my heart is in turmoil,
The good I have done I do not want to spoil.

I seek your mercy I seek your refuge,
I’m not interested in this world so huge.
You are the lord! You are the king!
I depend on you for every little thing.

So change me God and do as you please,
In my grave I wish to be at ease.
My heart is disturbed my eyes shed tears,
In errors and misdeeds I’ve wasted many years!

Written By Shumila Malik


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