Poem: The Helpless Phase


Old, gloomy and frail,
She’s in pain. She’s pale.
In bed she is all day,
Skin wrinkled! Her hair is grey!

I look at her sorry state,
Is this everyone’s fate?
We live active lives so happily,
Can’t we live forever merrily?

She can’t even remember who she’s
Sometimes she’s sitting on the floor.
Unable to walk. Unable to eat,
She can’t even use her own two feet.

She’s my grandma. So strong once
she was,
Why has her life suddenly paused?
She has two children but do they
even care?
Life is cruel! Life is unfair!

Is this going to be my fate too?
I don’t know what to do.
She can’t do anything on her own,
She’s distressed and alone.

Once robust she toiled all day,
Now fragile seems like she’s
made of clay.
She waits for someone to comb
her hair,
Now she’s dark, once she was fair.

Why did her life play such a game?
Why can’t she walk? Why is she lame?
Tears slide down my cheeks,
She can’t even properly speak.

O’Allah! Only yesterday she said if
only she could walk,
Her words broke me gave me a shock.
O’Allah! Answer her prayer and give her
good health,
It’s valuable than all the wealth!

It frightens me to think of what’s
there for me,
For I’m a sinner down on my knees.
Will I have to experience this grief?
I wish for a life short and brief.

My loved ones I know will all depart,
Fright cuts through my heart.
In that agonizing period, in that phase;
I will slowly count my days.

O’Allah! I pray for everyone,
When we become old when it’s
our turn;
When our bodies desire rest;
Spare us this difficult test!

Have mercy! Give us peace!
Our last moments let them pass
with ease.
I pray for myself and for the
whole human race,
O’Lord! Do not put us through
this helpless phase!    (Amen)

Written By Shumila Malik


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