Poem: It’s How You Make Me Feel

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I’m not important you have said it,
In your life do I even fit?
You say I’m everything but I’m not,
A sea of tears and grief you’ve brought.
You have changed in only a few weeks,
Words don’t matter actions speak!

You make me feel like I’m your second choice,
My heart doesn’t lie it’s my inner voice.
I was your world once your life I was;
But now I feel I have been tossed.
From happy you have made me sad,
With me in your life I thought you were glad.

Why did I expect so much it’s all my fault,
Without me your life doesn’t stop.
If I had known you’d change so fast,
Had I known your feelings wouldn’t last;
I would have never opened up to you.
Maybe what I see I should take it as a cue!

You say you love me but you bring me pain,
Now it all seems so useless and vain.
I’m not blaming you not at all,
It’s your life it’s your call.
I care about you, this won’t change ever;
Whenever you need me I’m here today and forever!

Written By Shumila Malik


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