Poem: Only Because Of You

Dedicated to my best friend, Ms Masooma Habib. πŸ™‚


In the dark I lived,
For so long.
I was baffled, unhappy
And forlorn.

One day you came,
And changed everything.
You taught me to fly,
You gave me wings.

I was wretched and lonely,
And thought I was no good.
When my life was pale,
By me you stood.

You taught me something,
I’ll remember forever.
You made me love myself,
How can I forget this ever?

I didn’t count my blessings,
Was bitter and ungrateful.
You rescued me from hell,
And made my life peaceful.

You lifted my dead spirits,
And released me from chains.
You changed my thoughts,
Now I no longer complain.

All my life I fought my demons,
I was going nowhere.
You made me see the light,
You gave me love and care.

Sadness keeps its distance,
Joys are now here.
I’m beaming and bright,
Because you wiped away my tears.

Thank you for being there,
At every step in every storm.
It’s only because of you that,
I have become so strong.

The gift of positivity,
It’s the best gift of all.
With your affection and support,
I have achieved it all!

Written By Shumila Malik


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