Poem: The Thrill


When the skies are grey and the sun refuses to come out,
All I wish to do then is just scream and shout.
When the clouds are thick and look dull and dark,
I’m as fierce and monstrous as a deadly shark!
I miss the warmth, the buttery sunshine,
In this gloomy weather I do nothing but whine.
The moment I woke up I wanted someone to die,
This obnoxious atmosphere turns me into a bad guy!
I’m eating chocolate cake to combat this darkening mood,
When I’m miserable, I can only think about food!
Even this creamy chocolate cake has not helped me a bit,
I think I’ll be bright and shiny once a murder I commit.
So, then who is that lucky one whom I’m going to kill?
Because this murder is the only way I can find some thrill!

Written By Shumila Malik


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