Poem: Missing You


Silhouette of father and daughter walking
I have been holding on for so long,
Do you really think I’m that strong?
You have done everything you could,
To break me, and destroy me for good!

I was so dear to you or so I thought,
You have left me in tangles and knots.
You’re there but never when I’m in need,
Do you even care if my heart bleeds?

A long time ago you called and I cried,
You were my guide, you were my pride.
But you didn’t want to wipe my tears,
Lost and confused I lost so many years.

I’ve been hungry for love all my life,
But your brutal words act on me like a knife.
I wonder why you’re indifferent and cold?
I thought your heart would melt once you grew old.

Nothing has changed and I have lost all hope,
But without you I don’t know how to cope.
In this big, bad world I feel so alone,
I wonder why your heart turned to stone!

Written By Shumila Malik


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