With Love, From Ms Shumila

The worst moment for a teacher is when her students finish school and bid her goodbye. I go through this agonizingly painful moment every year. When it’s time to leave their school years behind, students wear their sunniest smiles. Some of them are really enthusiastic about college, while others are nostalgic! They leave school with dreams shimmering in their eyes. When they are gone, all I can do is miss the beautiful memories I made with them. Gradually, I move on with my life and get used to their absence. But this time I find things are going to be a bit different. I think I might not be able to forget some of my students mainly because they have touched my life in ways I couldn’t ever imagine!

Yousuf Ali Asghar of Class X is among those students who will forever be part of my delightful memories. Yousuf is tall, cute, bright and handsome! When he smiles,the whole world melts! When he speaks, he is calm and his tone is gentle. I see love and respect in his eyes. He is a brilliant student but he’s humble. God has blessed him with good looks but he is down-to-earth. He is cherished by all the teachers and students. No matter how much he is praised, the simplicity in him refuses to depart.IMG-20151125-WA0001

Of all the students I have ever taught, Yousuf Ali Asghar is the most adorable. He is the most affectionate student I have ever had. He has a beautiful heart and a tender soul. He is kind and compassionate. He honours all his teachers and thinks highly of them. When sadness and gloom overwhelm him, he focuses on positivity! Life has been unkind to him, but he is not bitter. I know him since three years and not even once have I ever witnessed him talking rubbish about other students or demeaning them in any way. In a nutshell, he is a student every teacher would love to teach!

I love everything about him. His hard work, his focus on his studies, and his serious attitude. I love the way he speaks to me or when he smiles at me. But one thing that stole my heart is the care and concern I see in his eyes. He is happy when I’m happy. Seeing me anxious makes him feel uncomfortable. He was able to see my wounds even when I was pretending to be happy! All this and so much more makes him so dear to me. While many boys his age are frivolous, Yousuf is wiser than his years. I have observed purity in his thoughts and integrity in his actions.

IMG-20151125-WA0002He makes me proud! It breaks my heart to think that he’s going to finish school in about three months and then I won’t see him again. He holds a special place in my heart. I’m sure his mother is proud of him too. After all, she is the woman whose efforts and endeavour have made Yousuf what he is today, a decent human being, and a glittering example for all his school fellows! I love him more everyday, and with each passing day, I realize I’m going to miss him deeply.

Written By Ms Shumila Malik


7 thoughts on “With Love, From Ms Shumila

  1. Miss, Thank you very very much!!
    It really feels good to hear so positive and kind words from a teacher. With joy and happiness, I’m in seventh heaven. My lips are smiling so bright, maybe my cheeks have turned red! :p
    Miss, once again thank you very much for appreciating me and making me feel so great!! 🙂

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