Essay: My Favourite Student

I was just staring at the unfairness of life. Yesterday I asked my students if it was okay for them to have a favourite teacher and they all sang a big, excited “Yes!” but when I asked them if it was okay for a teacher to have a favourite student they all disapproved saying they would be jealous if that were the case and in that moment I wanted to bang my head. “Don’t teachers have hearts?” I wanted to ask them. I mean seriously, my heart is not made of plastic, is it? Besides, giving special attention to a student is not some treacherous sin! 

I love all my students and they all radiate love and joy when I’m around. But they enjoy more freedom. They can admire a certain teacher and talk about her with twinkle in their eyes but being a teacher if I talk sweetly with a particular student and do that often, the others are sure to lodge a case of discrimination against me! This whole thing has left me baffled. Talk about equality! Talk about being the epitome of perfection! But I never said I was perfect. I’m far from it. I’m just a teacher and I should be allowed to make mistakes. Please! Just this one! I mean I am not trying to say I have a special student in mind. All I’m saying is that one should always remain open to possibilities! 😛

3D Happy group of students jumping - isolated over a white backgorund

Being a teacher, I try everything to facilitate my students and make them feel happy and wanted. It’s important to me that they feel comfortable in my presence. I treat them all equally. At least I try but I also know I fail regularly.Talking about my failures, let’s just imagine that I have a specific student in mind whom I like a lot. What happens then? Does that make me evil in the eyes of everyone else? But why? 😦 

I mean my students mean the world to me and I praise them when they make progress. I speak of their achievements in front of their classmates. Even when their progress is slow, I make sure everybody knows that they are showing improvement! And the best part is that I’m a teacher and a friend. See, I’m a complete package! 🙂 Am I still not allowed to have a favourite student? I mean it’s not my fault is it? Some students are just so adorable, they end up becoming the apple of your eye! 

But I never said I have a favourite student. We were just discussing a hypothesis! 😛 Well, even if this weren’t a hypothesis, this is a secret I would never tell. 🙂 And you, my dearest, nearest student, if you come across this blog, just remain silent and don’t tell anybody that I’m talking about you!  Ssshhhhshhh-emoticon-912320

Written By Shumila Malik


11 thoughts on “Essay: My Favourite Student

  1. Miss !! It’s ok to have a favorite student and if someone is jealous then its their headache!! Why should it be you banging your head ? Why should it be you cursing yourself ?
    It’s totally your choice to pick your favorite student 🙂

    And by the way, I won’t tell anyone that you were talking about me 😜:p ( ehh, just kidding)

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    • Naeem, I’m just kidding okay! Every student is wonderful. I give attention to all of you. I’m there for all of you. I’m everybody’s teacher and friend whether they like it or not! My life revolves around you all. You happy, I’m happy! You sad, I’m sad! Just don’t ever forget that! 🙂

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  2. Itni si baat pa tum sab na world war 3 shuru krdy hai, akir favourite student hona mai aisi kya burai hai!!! Miss mai ap ki baat ki baat sa baqul itafak-e-raiy milata ho. |O

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