Poem: Don’t Want To Say Goodbye


These feelings to her are strange and new,
Her world seems covered in dew.
Sometimes she’d miss him and bitterly cry,
She’s so tired of denying, of living a lie!

She loves him more than words could convey,
But she must watch him go away!
He’s part of her. He’s on her mind,
Does she have a choice when life is unkind?

To others she knows it won’t make any sense,
Maybe it would if they see through her lens.
She’s in shambles everyday of her life,
Pain cuts her like a cold,sharp knife.

She has many questions but answers none,
She wants no one but him to be the one!
Why did she ever fall for him? Oh just why?
She doesn’t have the strength to say goodbye.

It’s not something impossible for you, dear God,
You comprehend her feelings no matter how odd.
When he’s gone she knows she’d still be alive,
But in anguish and sorrow, forever she’ll dive!

Written By Shumila Malik


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