My Happiness List

1158321544Smiles and happinessI have this deep and weird affinity with sadness. You ask me to write something sad, and I’ll produce a dozen gloomy poems but when I’m happy, I can’t even write two lines! I find writing about happiness a massive challenge. My happiest moments are safely stored in my mind and I can rewind those memories whenever I want to but if I try to put them into words, I would have to spend many sleepless nights struggling with nothing except a blank screen staring at me. Nevertheless, today I decided to peek into my heart, take a good look inside, find out what makes me happy and write my happiness list. Here is what I found:

1. I’m on top of the world when my students appreciate my presence in their life. (Actually, my life revolves around them.)

2. It’s a proud moment when I’m able to achieve a perfectly clear, smooth skin. (I have to work so hard for it! )

3. I find perfect joy in seeing my favourite student happy and smiling. 

4. I wear my sunniest smile when people praise my writing skills. 

5. I experience absolute happiness when I spend quality time with my best friend, Ms Masooma! ( Yes, she is the only one around whom I can confidently trumpet my madness without having to worry about being judged! )

6. Happiness is when I’m reading. 

7. It is a moment of bliss when I’m in the classroom.  (I’m totally in love with English Language and of course, my students!) 

8. I’m glad when my students understand what I’m trying to explain. (A moment of victory for an impatient teacher like me. )

gg101x_course_banner378x2259. It is a beautiful feeling when my students produce admirable essays and stories. 

10. What a wonderful feeling when after a long, tiring day, I’m able to enjoy a sound, uninterrupted sleep.

11. My heart dances with exhilaration when my students remember my birthday and make me feel special. (I am smiling already!)

12. Nothing compares to the moment when I become the reason for someone’s happiness. 

13. I’m in high spirits when I have spent a trouble-free, tension-free day.  (Rare for neurotic like me!)

14. It’s great delight when I put my heart and soul in my prayers and cry like a baby in front of the God Almighty. I’m at peace when I share all my worries with the creator.

15. When my prayers are answered, I’m over the moon. I want to hug the whole world.

16. I obtain pure pleasure when I’m savouring chocolates. ( I’m drooling already.) 

17. It’s a happy feeling when, on a gloomy day, I can still be positive and see the silver lining.

18. You can’t imagine how happy I am when, after a tiring day at work, I’m able to find a seat on a crowded bus. That’s when my lips never forget to say, “Thank you, God!”

I’m sure I can add so much more to the above list. But like I said, happiness and me? See, I don’t know what else to write!

Written By Shumila Malik


2 thoughts on “My Happiness List

  1. Wonderful!!
    Being a teacher is something amazing, even most of the time we hear students criticizing teachers still I have always felt teachers are amazing because a teacher sees possibility in every student, before they see it in themselves.
    You’re making a better tomorrow. 🙂 Respect!

    Liked by 1 person

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