Poem: Life Without You


Life without you is autumn,
Where my tears fall like leaves,
Where cruel times just don’t want to leave,
Where your memories haunt me like a ghost,
In those moments I need you the most,
It’s time when isolation is my friend,
In those days misery becomes the trend.

Without you I feel so lost,
In the wilderness of your thoughts,
I see you everywhere,
Yet I find you nowhere,
Your voice rings in my mind,
But I comfort myself saying,
It was another time.

Life without you is winter,
Where the biting wind tortures my soul,
Without you around me to console,
Where life is dry,
Where my eyes just cry,
Where my life freezes,
Where pain simply increases.

Life without you is,
A long sleepless night,
Where my loneliness reaches its height,
Life without you,
I can’t imagine my life without you,
For it’s a life as lifeless as a dead soul,
And my existence meaningless and cold!

Written By Shumila Malik


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