Dear Ms Shumila

still-subject-school-teachers-day-flower-sunflower-vase-books-notebooks-glasses-fresh-apples-33348642Teachers play a vital role in the life of their students. Strict or friendly, all teachers shape their students and revolutionize their thoughts. Since today is World Teachers’ Day, I wanted to know what my students thought about their teachers. I asked them to write short messages of appreciation for those teachers who have influenced them the most. Following are some of the messages I received from the students of Class IX:

“I will never forget you. The reason is that you are very decent. You are an interesting teacher. The subject “English” suits you a lot and the thing is that I love English because of you. You teach us with kindness. May Allah bless you. When I’ll finish school, I’ll miss you the most!”
-Sarrah Mustafa

“You are my favourite teacher. You are the best teacher. You teach us not like a teacher but like a friend. You are so beautiful. You speak to us politely and softly so that we can take interest in what you are saying.  I promise that I will improve myself to become your favourite student.”
-Umme Kulsoom Saifuddin

“You are the most respectable teacher.You are perfect. Your qualities reflect in your character. You character proves that you are very talented. You behaviour with all students is impressive. You are not a common person. You are very friendly, polite, graceful. You keep our secrets. May Allah bless all the student-teachers like you!”
-Abdul Rafay

“I think that you are the best teacher in the world. I like you because you teach us English in a very good way. You look good and fresh too. You are kind. I will never forget you. I always pray for you.”
-Mohammad Kaizar

“You are my favourite teacher. You teach us so well. You know how to be friendly with children. Since a year and a half, you have been teaching us English and I find improvement in my language skills. I like your nature and your way of talking. Dear teacher, please stay with us till the end of our school life.”
-Marium Amir

“I think you are the best teacher in the universe. I like you because you are simple and good. You teach us so nicely and make us understand so easily. I will never forget you. When I will leave the school, you would still be roaming in my mind my entire life. May God give you a happy, peaceful life and I hope you remain as you are with us.”
-Sakina Hatim

“You are my favourite teacher. I have never seen a personality like you. You are punctual. I like you because you treat all your students equally. I have passed many classes and met many teachers but you are one of the best. I’m lucky to have a teacher like you.”
-Musferah Naviad

“Your way of teaching is a bit different from others. You teach us things that help us in our daily life. Your classes make us cheerful and in every period, you make us learn something new. You always try to teach us in ways that we like. Most of the time you give us new activities. You try your best to make us capable. I think you are the one whom everyone likes. And I’m glad you are my ideal.”
-Abdul Wahid

“You are my favourite teacher. I like your way of teaching. You punish us rarely and teach us softly. The best thing about you is that you give us free time. You are kind and humble. You are an angel. You are the best teacher of our school. Your English language skills are very good!”
– Abdul Qadir

“I think your way of teaching is different from others. You make your students independent. You are different because apart from studies you also teach us something new and interesting. I think all teachers only want to complete their syllabus and finish their job, but you are someone who wants to complete your syllabus plus teach us something new. Your activities such as speaking competitions, story-telling etc have really helped me in improving my English. And you will always be my favourite teacher.”
Taha Abbas

“You are the best teacher of this school. Everyone likes you. You are very friendly and polite with all the students. You have a good-nature. Other teachers are also good but they are not like you. I respect you a lot. I think that others are jealous of you because of your good and polite nature with students. You are my favourite teacher.”
Mufaddal Hussain

“Your teaching is difficult but different from others. You do not make us study all the time. You give us free time to talk or complete our pending work. The quality of your teaching is the best.You are a very polite teacher but sometimes when you are angry, you look bad! Anger does not look good on your face. If sometimes we make a lot of noise and make you angry, I’m sorry for that. I’m lucky to have an English teacher like you!”
-Shabbir Mustafa

“You are a very polite teacher. Your nice habit is that you give us free time. Because of you, I like English. You have played an important role in my school life.”
-Yousuf Shoaib

Shumila Malik


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