Poem: I Love You, Sweet God!


Honesty is my garment,
And truth is my sword.
I’m not afraid of anyone,
Except the one, the Lord!
The hypocrites of the world,
Listen and pay heed.
I’m not afraid of you,
I’m only afraid of God!
Throw dust on my face,
But I will sparkle like a star.
It doesn’t matter,
How many you are.
You defame me and you lie,
But still, I’m touching the sky.
Because honesty is my garment,
Truth is my sword!
And I’m being protected,
By the one and only Lord!
Some deceived me,
Some wronged me,
Yet, nobody could defeat me.
See, I’m being shielded by the Lord!
For this and for so much more,
I love you, sweet God! πŸ™‚
Written By Shumila Malik


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