Poem: Alice And Mike


Alice doesn’t know what’s going on,
But she’ll miss Mike when he’s gone.
Morning, noon, evening or night,
When they’re together life is right!
He gazes at her in that special way,
Like meeting her brightens his day.
Whenever they talk, she’s flushed with joy,
She seems to be in love with that boy!
She thinks about him all day long,
What would she do when Mike is gone?
He speaks to her in that way so sweet,
When he’s around, her heart forgets to beat.
The thought of him gone makes her cry,
Why can’t they give their feelings a try?
She has fallen for him and doesn’t know why,
Her eyes well with tears when she looks at the sky.
This feeling is tormenting her deep inside,
Why can’t he say it if he doesn’t know how to hide?

Written By Shumila Malik


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