Poem: Ready To Die


I walked on the railway track alone and sad,
I was betrayed. Had lost everything I had.
I crumbled inside but nobody knew,
I didn’t want to tell them I was blue!
Life cheated on me and I stood there blank,
I was robbed of my dignity and my rank.
Those words pierced through my heart,
I was despised from the start.
I was taken advantage of. I was used,
But I couldn’t get it. I was confused!
It seemed like I didn’t matter,
I was in tears, and about to shatter.
I was abused. I was shocked,
My universe whirled when I was mocked.
I laid on the railway track, ready to die,
I wanted to bid the world goodbye!
When the train came crashing, I closed my eyes.
I screamed in horror but nobody heard my cries.
In the dead of the night I met my fate,
When he kissed my forehead, it was too late! ย 

Written By Shumila Malik


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