Poem: A Sad Birthday


Birthdays are supposed to be full of cheers,
My birthday brought me pain and tears.
Candles, cake and claps and smiles,
My students had gone an extra mile!
They were excited to show that they cared,
Soon they all were tensed and scared.
I was shattered, I felt so sad!
I know my students must have felt bad.
For a moment or two I felt sheer delight,
I wore a smile that was so bright.
But not all birthdays are special I know,
This one felt like an agonizing blow!
My happy heart broke like glass,
This dark memory would never pass.
The scar it left on me would never erase,
Like a nightmare it would forever chase!

Written By Shumila Malik


9 thoughts on “Poem: A Sad Birthday

  1. You’re one of the amazing persons I have met.You are a friend, a supporter, a good adviser and a very good teacher.Please don’t be sad we all care for you and we will never stop caring and loving you.


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