Poem: Be Still, My Racing Heart

Colorful hearts

His heart could no longer stay in a cage,
So, one fine morning he mustered his courage.
He went to her with a card and a rose,
One glimpse of her and he quickly froze!

She was sitting on the floor, looking so scared,
He sat down beside her to show her he cared.
She was frightened; she was in tears,
So, he patiently listened to her fears.

He was caring and kind like a friend,
And helped her in regaining her strength.
Morning flew and afternoon came,
Soon it began to heavily rain.

The sky grew dark; the wind was strong,
Leaving her alone felt so wrong.
He offered to give her a ride in his car,
But thunder and lightning didn’t let them go far.

He suggested they should go to his place,
It was nearby; she would feel safe!
She panicked and refused and started to walk,
He was worried while she was in shock!

How could he leave her in the sheeting rain?
He tried to convince her but all in vain.
He stopped her again and held her tight,
With confusion and fright, her face went white.

He told her he wouldn’t leave her like that,
All alone in the storm to get wet.
They stood there in silence for a minute or two,
He had no idea what she was going to do.

On their way to his place,
Their hearts thumped and raced.
In that moment he told her how he felt,
She smiled. She relaxed. She let her heart melt! 

Written By Shumila Malik


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