Poem: Lost in Ecstasy


It was a bright and magnificent hall,
Adorned with fairy lights and flowers,
For the ball.
It smelled of roses and love.
A crystal chandelier hung high above.

She stood there shimmering in silver and pink,
If he didn’t come, her heart would sink.
Her eyes lit up when she saw him coming,
He beamed at her, thought she looked stunning!

He kissed her manicured hand, offered her a rose,
Held her tight, brought her close.
A sweet melody played as the began to dance,
It was like magic,they were in a trance!

They danced and romanced,all night long,
Their feelings for each other had grown so strong!
He grinned at her with mischief and affection,
They felt towards each other a strong attraction

It was a fairy tale,it was like a fantasy,
They were in love, lost in ecstasy!
A night so memorable, and full of pleasure,
Those moments so special, they’d always treasure!

Written By Shumila Malik


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