Poem: They Found Love

imagesIt was after twelve when he saw her outside,
She told him she wanted to watch the tide.
He sat beside her on the cool, soft sand,

And wanted so much to hold her hand.

 She looked happy in a silly kind of way,
They talked about how they had spent
their day.
She noticed something in his eyes,

And felt her nervousness rise.

He liked her so much he wanted to say,
But when he wanted to, she looked away!
The night was happy and full of delight,

The shining moon made it all so bright.

Merry and glad, they walked to the park,
The attraction between them left its mark.
They enjoyed the moment on the swings,

And laughed over some foolish things.

Amidst their laughter, fun and giggles,
The wind grew cold; it began to drizzle.
Their path glowed in the street lamps,

As they strolled towards their camps.

On their way he abruptly stopped,
He confessed his love and she was shocked.
She wanted him so much, she cared a lot,

She was happy now with what she got.

He gazed at her like never before,
He wanted to love her and love her more.
She whispered a thank you to the skies,
Tears of happiness ran down her eyes!

Written By Shumila Malik


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