Poem: Helpless Misery


His face spoke of sadness and gloom,
As he walked down the street one, hot afternoon,
Everyone around him seemed busy,
They failed to notice he felt so dizzy!

They were enjoying juices and ice creams,
For him those were but grand dreams,
He was thirsty and tired and too old,
Begging was an evil, he was often told.

So, he cleaned people’s shoes and cars,
His soul had deep, indelible scars,
Life for him was unfair and cruel,
His sons left him thinking he was
a stupid fool.

He sat on the footpath one cold night,
Weary and hurt,he could no longer fight,
He looked at the heavens above,
And asked God for His mercy and love!

Tears of helplessness ran down his cheeks,
He was in pain, he felt so weak,
He closed his eyes but he was crying,
He won’t give up, he wouldn’t stop trying.

He sat there for a little while longer,
Talking to God made him feel stronger,
When the stars faded and it was dawn,
Nothing mattered for he was gone!

Written By Shumila Malik


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