Poem: Romantic Night

couple-romantic-hug-1920x1080She felt true joy and delight,
On that calm and beautiful night,
When the stars twinkled in the sky,
When in his presence she felt shy!

The gleaming moon beamed at them,
The sea sparkled like gems,
The cool wind blew her hair,
She turned pink at his stare,

They walked in silence for a while,
Wearing a happy,cheerful smile,
And reached where the bridge ended,
Settled and watched the waves splendid.

Sitting along the glittering bay,
Taking pleasure in the cool, sea spray,
She felt a strange and sweet yearning,
The fire in him was intense and burning.

Time passed in laughter and fun,
Soon the clock said it was one,
The night was getting quiet and dark,
But their eyes held a playful spark.

When the silver clouds poured rain,
They giggled like children and looked insane,
Slowly and gracefully, they began to dance,
It was the beginning of a grand romance!

Written By Shumila Malik


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