Poem: The Stolen Moments

romantic_couple_sunset-1024x768She strolled on the beach,
Wandering as a cloud,
Listening to the music,
Her phone played so loud.

Deep in her thoughts,
She walked on the shore,
Subdued and quiet,
She missed him from the core.

When the sky turned orange,
And the sun wanted to set,
When the birds began to sing,
Their eyes finally met!

The unease between them,
They did not mind,
The difference they held,
Was left behind.

Together they walked,
In silence and peace,
The discomfort between them,
Had started to cease.

In that moment of quietude,
They settled on the sand,
Together they watched the sunset,
So poetic and grand!

In that exquisite moment,
Of beauty and bliss,
In that moment of tenderness,
They exchanged a kiss!

It was awkward yet so sweet,
When the universe had gone still,
Their happiness and passion,
Gave them a thrill!

A moment so perfect,
As the velvet skies,
A memory so special,
It left a twinkle in their eyes! 

Written By Shumila Malik


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