Poem: What I Want?


I want to walk on the beach at midnight,
And dance like the wind in broad daylight.
I want to drench in the cool rain,
And stand atop the speedy train.
I want to eat ice lollies on the roadside,
And run like mad on the bridges wide.
I want to watch the sun go down,
And take pictures with some silly clown.
I want to play Fire and Ice,
And fly kites high in the skies.
I want to build castles in the sand,
And sing a hip-hop with the beach band.
I want to wear weird hairstyles,
And attract all kinds of creepy smiles,
I want to wear lipsticks green and red,

And wear a tiara on my head.
I want to sing on the streets,
And swing my body to the imaginary beats.
I want to go back to high school,
And show them I’m capable of breaking the rules.
I want to go bungee jumping,
And hear my heart wildly thumping.
I want to climb Mount Everest,
And let the world know I’m the cleverest!
Written By Shumila Malik



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