Poem: I Love Her In My Own Unique Way


My world had collapsed,
My life looked sad.
But when she showed she cared,
My heart was glad.

I was hurt and bleeding,
I felt immense pain.
But when she showed concern,
I knew it wasn’t in vain.

My eyes welled with tears,
I wandered into gloom.
But when she showed affection,
Like a flower, I bloomed!

I love her simply and perfectly,
In my own unique way.
Or should I say I’m insane,
Because that’s what people say!

To them, I make no sense,
But I do not really care.
Why I see a mother in her,
I do not wish to share!

I know she doesn’t understand it either,
And I don’t think she ever will.
Like others, she thinks I’m insane,
But I will love her forever still!

Written by Shumila Malik


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