Essay: Salute To Zubaida Masi



I often come across people brooding or ruminating. Maybe they are going through relentless pain. Or maybe they are just plain ungrateful! Sometimes, I’m ungrateful too and I have remonstrated with myself several times about it. When I’m unable to see the light, when I’m surrounded by my own selfish spirit, I start counting my blessings. I think it’s a perfect way to get your mind off those dark and morbid thoughts which make you feel like you are some poor, lonely, oppressed soul!

Recently, when my hopes wavered and my mind refused to see the silver lining, Zubaida Masi suddenly appeared in my thoughts and changed everything! She is one of our most beloved maids at school and I think she is simply adorable! In fact, she is one of those people who have inspired me and taught me to see the sunny side of life.

Zubaida Masi is a jolly good fellow, warm-hearted and always ready to help! She is kind and polite and hard working. She is punctual and quick and good at her job. Her honesty has earned her immense respect and admiration from everyone she works with.

She has been working with us for many years now and never in my life have I ever seen her wearing a frustrated, annoyed expression! Even when she is bone-tired or unwell, she never complains or loses her temper which I think is a unique quality as exhaustion has been known to make the finest of characters flow into a temper.

Zubaida Masi has got this easy, infectious smile spread across her face. She sweeps the floor, cheerily talking, and singing. Since she has an amiable nature, she gets along well with everybody! 

Moping the floor, serving us tea, doing the dishes are some of her daily duties along with many more domestic chores which she performs with great ease and perfection! She also takes care of kindergarten kids and their needs. The best part about this remarkable woman is that she seems happy and content with her life. Unlike many of us, who having everything but still can’t stop grumbling and moaning about how unfair life has been to us, Zubaida Masi is an inspirational figure! She neither whines nor has anyone ever seen her feeling disconsolate!

Her presence has taught me lessons in humility and acceptance. She has taught me a great deal about self-esteem and pride. She has taught me to love my life and myself and accept the circumstances that I can’t change, with grace. Knowing her is like being able to see the sun!

Written By Shumila Malik


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