The Girl Who Leaped Through Time

Hira Saeed, smiling into the camera, happy at winning some competition at her university
Hira Saeed, happy at winning a competition at her university.

I remember the first time I came across her Facebook Id. I had stared at her details wide-eyed in astonishment.

Hira Saeed was cheerful, talkative and full of life. At 14, she was already ahead of time and possessed a vision, a healthy confidence and a little spark of madness! Being a bright student, studies were her top priority! Her immaculate results were a witness to her determination and hard work. But her focus towards studies did not stop her from enjoying life. She had a huge social circle. She was always bubbling with enthusiasm. I actually remember seeing her twice or thrice with my cousin. She was a chatterbox. I remember her beaming face and infectious laughter!

Hira Saeed was a girl who belonged to a mediocre background, and for the first thirteen or fourteen years of her life, she attended a local, insignificant little school. But if you look at her academic record, you will come to know that she was inspired, she was extraordinary and she was definitely someone with a lot of grey matter! She neither cared not complained about her circumstances. She knew her own standards were high and she worked to meet them. She was in competition with no one!

Imagine someone who didn’t have access to a competent syllabus, or challenging examination papers. Imagine a student who never did creative writing at school or who was never given assignments such as Book report. Just think of someone who was not taught Jane Austen or William Shakespeare at school. And then picture that someone thinking out of the box! Picture them speaking fluent English. I find that stunningly impressive.

After passing her high school, she went on to study business administration and continued to excel in her studies. From internships to temporary jobs, to everything in between, Hira Saeed worked with all her might to give her ambitions and skills a boost and create for herself a distinct identity. At an age when most people are indulged in amusement and merry, Hira Saeed immersed in worries and work to accomplish her dreams.

At a rosy age of 22, she is already an entrepreneur and runs a certain training and consultancy service. She is also pursuing an MBA degree and while her studies are still her top priority, her journey towards self-discovery continues!

Though her surroundings were common, plain and ordinary, Hira Saeed was not! Her dreams were never ordinary and the character that she has become today is a witness to all that she believed in years ago. She is a living proof that circumstances in life do not matter. If you have the willingness to chase your dreams, you will find a way!

Being a teacher, I often share with my students small, inspiring stories or incidents that would in some way influence them, give them a better idea of the world and how it works. I guess, Hira Saeed’s story would make a really fascinating lesson plan for my class. 🙂 

Written By Shumila Malik


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