In The Name Of Religion

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The problem with our society is that they have made religion their personal property. Every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks it is obligatory upon him to lecture you about how big a sinner you are and how torturous your hereafter is going be and while they tell you about your impending doom and believe that you are misguided, they are convinced that they are the true believers and that as soon as they breathe their last, heaven will be waiting to take them into her arms. Whatever happened to compassion and humanity and my favourite proverb Live and let live.” I mean you don’t have to be a genius to understand that God Almighty is the only true judge here. 

A huge chunk of our population consists of religious fanatics. We have people living all kinds of lifestyles here but when it comes to religion, you should see them suffocating other people to death. A bunch of stereotypes I call them!!

I think societies can never achieve peace and prosperity unless people stop poking their noses in other people’s matters. Why can’t we simply accept people for who they are?? Why do we have to label them and why are we so sure of ourselves??? I agree it’s a kind deed to guide someone towards the light but I also feel that people’s boundaries should be respected, their opinions must be regarded!

Religion is supposed to enlighten us, not transport us back to the dark ages. I wonder why people, who study even a small part of religion end up turning themselves into hermits or scholars or priests who reject every worldly idea that exists. I have failed to understand the logic behind studying religion and ending up with a closed mind. Books of all kinds give you something to ponder, they help you see beyond the obvious. And religious books have an extra edge. They inform, tell, teach, counsel, educate,instruct and illuminate. I imagine religious people to be more broad-minded and open to learning than all of us. But what I see is a completely distorted picture. Islam is not narrow-minded. People are! I think we should stop moulding Islam according to our conveniences and lifestyles.


Written by Shumila Malik


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