Poem: From A Grieving Pakistani


Pakistan bitterly weeps
But law and order
Peacefully sleeps
Injustice walks
Without care & fear
Blood and mayhem
Is somewhere near
Misery and fright
Surrounds us all
The cold and cruel
Leaders must fall!
Free and happy
We are not
Either we are
wounded or shot
We are frozen
We are numb
We are dead
Even Before our death
Could come!

Written By Shumila Malik


4 thoughts on “Poem: From A Grieving Pakistani

  1. Many are holding sadness and crying for Pakistani. I pray and hope for peace in our world daily. Violence is alive and well. I wish I knew how to stop the hate and murder. Time for the common people to stand against hate and violence. If we don’t. This world will be in trouble.


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