Lessons Life Taught Me

1. If I’m a sinner, it’s not the end of the world. If I’m a saint, I should be down-to-earth because Satan is out there to taint more saints than sinners. 

2It’s unfair to say that life is all about choices, that we choose to become what we are. Saying so only means you are underestimating somebody’s pains, that you think their struggles aren’t struggles at all. When life is stormy, when your journey is full of thorns, you only bleed. A soul that bleeds will not smell of roses….

3. Hatred is really a dark and ugly word and I don’t think we are capable of that. We use the word hate like it’s water or oxygen. Yeah, we do hold grudges against people and that’s only natural when you are hurt inside out. I believe it’s not even necessary to hate people. Why not just move on and let them indulge in their own darkness???

4.  I think passing judgement is sinister and people who do that have rustic, small and closed minds. They are shockingly forlorn themselves, and are probably trying to conceal their own horrors. Maybe they find demeaning others an easy way to lighten their stress level.gavel1

5. Hope is what keeps us going. Hope shows us a road when there’s no road at all. Your survival kit must have ‘Hope’ in abundance.file (2)

6Life as I see it, is a serious struggle but happiness can be found even in the ordinary.

7. Restrictions of any kind are deteriorating.

8. Conscience has a significant role. When you do something wrong, something pricks you deep inside. That’s your troubled conscience which robs your peace of mind. When you do a good deed, you are happy within. That too in your conscience smiling within.

9. The call of your soul has a profound connection with your heart and emotions. For a peaceful life, what goes on in your heart must be in harmony with your mind. To sum up, our heart and mind makes up a happy or a tortured soul.

10. I think if you are happy and accepting of change, then it’s like a happy event. Otherwise, it’s a difficult process, a struggle, an annoyance! It’s all in the mind.

11. Your strengths and weaknesses are revealed only when you go against the tide.file (2)

12. Often it happens that your soul is ready to heal itself but it has to battle with the mind. Our heart and mind make up a powerful team and this team can either heal the soul or bruise it even more.

13. When your heart feels sad, even the most beautiful meadows and majestic mountains, or the tastiest foods cannot bring a smile to your face.fedja-swanson-response

14. I think people lie because they are unhappy about something. Maybe they are suffering from a poor self-esteem.They want to be like others and in order to fit in they conform to lying. Children lie to parents for a thousand different reasons and one of them is their parents being unreasonably strict or conservative.

15. The best way to discover who you truly are is to make a fool of yourself and see how much you can take it. I believe we all have some ludicrously crazy hormones. But for some of us, they don’t ever work because we keep them hidden. Life is too short and once in a while it’s good to walk into lunacy. Everyone wants to be a genius. But only a few dare to reveal their idiocy.

16. True love is when you love him even when he doesn’t love you back. You know he is a horrible person but you accept his dark side and love him with it. Love is unconditional. You can’t bound it by your ideals. Love is when you don’t let your beautiful memories become sour, when you don’t let your feelings for him fade away, instead, you cherish them forever! Love is when he hurts you and you cry but your heart is not capable of holding grudges against him. Love is when you remember him in your loneliest hours and your eyes well with tears and a silent prayer escapes your lips.Couple-in-Love-wide

17. Character is not something I build based on society’s expectations.

18. There’s no such thing as an ideal world, or an ideal environment. You need to be a fighter. You can’t blame the society for a bad attitude. The good, the bad and the ugly are all here to stay. It’s up to you to decide what you want. And at every step the right attitude is a requirement.

19. This whole idea of not expecting anything from anyone? Well, I don’t buy that. We expect from people we love. Not necessary that they love us back but expectations grow naturally.

20. Life is not some kind of a show or movie where the best actor wins the award. We all have our own principles, values, and priorities and it’s not incumbent upon us to please everybody. You please everybody and forget that you also exist and one day you will simply pale into insignificance. I hate that kind of life….

21. Most people love to talk about problems. Maybe they are not really interested in finding solutions at all because working on solutions requires hard work and focus and they just want to sit back, relax and indulge in their screwed-up mood for the rest of the day. I think there’s some joy in talking about your problems and there’s a lot of pain in working on solutions.

22. We should have training sessions for children, where we teach them how not to poke their noses in other people’s business, and how to respect people’s privacy, and how to just turn back and leave if somebody’s door is closed…. Because these are the children who turn into nagging, intruding adults.

23. In a world where envy and greed are common sights to see, where kindness and compassion are rare, where the race of life is a maddening puzzle, thank God, there is a person that the heart will always treasure, there is a feeling that brings a sparkle to the eyes.There is a laughter that rekindles the soul. The beauty of friendship is like a glow that envelopes one like a warm blanket. A relationship so special it makes your eyes twinkle and dance.images

24. Crying is debilitating and breaks you down. It pokes your emotions, makes you vulnerable and damages your pride. Tears make you feel like a victim. Anger, though a strong sign of weakness and defeat, still, in some way, makes you feel in control. It kind of keeps you intact,and for a while reminds you that you are powerful.

25. Old age is a dreadful revenge life takes, in the form of declining strength, wrinkled skin, bleary eyes and blurred memories. A time when your self-worth, and pride fades into insignificance until one day you are a drooling lump of insanity. I don’t know why I feel so strongly about the stage of life that speaks of dejection and fear. Maybe because I see an old and struggling woman daily. A little of me dies everyday when I see her…..file (3)

26. Life is not always about rights or wrongs. Sometimes things are more complicated than that. I wonder why some people think of life as some multiple choice question where you must select just one right option.


 Written By Shumila Malik





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