A Summer Fantasy


Oftentimes, in the long summer afternoons, I drift into a calm and placid world where I hug my solitude and leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I close my eyes and transport into a make-believe world of peace and contentment.

Far from the madding crowd, I take a break to enjoy a moment of quietude outside a lovely, wooden cottage, built on the riverside, surrounded by the lush green meadows, with pink and yellow flowers blooming in the green.

While the naughty butterflies playfully crowd the flowers, I relax on my rocking chair, under the thick, green Oak tree, indulged in my book, with little birds chirping and filling the air with sweet music. The golden sun is mild and gentle, making the cuckoo birds sing songs of ever-lasting happiness. 


With a smile of sheer delight spread across my face, I slurp the steaming cup of tea and gradually proceed, and pursue the gripping novel, savouring the intriguing story line while taking in the pleasure of the cool mid-afternoon breeze, caressing my face and blowing my hair! The sound of the babbling river produces a slow, and soothing background music that complements the peace and serenity the afternoon offers. Seated with the mesmerizing Mother Nature, I’m filled with ecstasy, and finish yet another chapter about the compelling FBI investigation.

When I open my eyes, and return to reality, I experience an irrevocable loss. I realize that reality can never be my friend!!!

Written by Shumila Malik


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