Beat the Blues

Life is not a bed of roses. It often takes the wrong turns at the wrong times. For a blissful life, it is important to keep ourselves sane and get rid of the madness and chaos that stops us from thinking straight. But what should one do when life grows pale? Below I share some of my ideas that can help you in pushing away gloom and escape depression and complicated emotions.
1.  Shopping:
When my life becomes crazy and overwhelming, I go shopping. It lifts my spirits. A new dress, a pair of shoes or a handbag cheers me up.I quickly forget my worries. Shopping gives my eyes a new sparkle. My problems seem so small.
2. Watching a movie:
When I feel rotten, I watch a lighthearted, romantic comedy. It helps me forget about my calamities. My mind quickly replaces the dark and morbid thoughts with happy and positive ones.
3. Going for a walk:
Walking helps me clear my head.  It helps me overcome negativity. I’m able to sort out my thoughts and put things in perspective.
4. Getting a good sleep:
I think sleeping is one of the best ways you can beat the blues. A good sleep makes me fresh and active. It discourages negative thoughts.
5. Writing:
When I put my deepest thoughts and fears on paper, I feel relaxed. Writing helps me get a better focus on life. It soothes my heated mind, and controls my turmoil. It helps me analyze my problems more effectively for solutions.
6. Weeping:
When I’m depressed, I weep bitterly. I never suppress my tears. It lifts the burden off my chest, makes me feel light. I think tears help me to flush out my ill-feelings, and the boiling rage and all the horrors growing up in my mind.
7. Talking to a friend:
In times of distress, talking to a friend drowns my sorrows and subsides my anger. When I talk to somebody I trust, I feel loved and wanted. I feel consoled. Love and compassion at such times do wonders for a heart that is hurt or blazing in hatred or fury. Once I’m done with sharing, my wounds start healing and often a smile takes over my face. 🙂
8. Reading:
Reading books stops depressing thoughts from nagging me. I’m a huge fan of crime fiction. The plots are so marvelously intriguing, they keep me hooked for hours eventually making me forget about everything that ruined my mood.
9. Eating out:
When good mood abandons me, when sorrows engulf me, I head towards a restaurant. Food provides comfort and relieves pain. Scrumptious food and delightful ambience lifts my mood. I often order foods like pizza, steaks, pasta etc. Fortunately, I do not have the tendency to put on weight. 🙂
10. Getting a facial massage:
I love pampering myself especially when I need to drain my sadness. A relaxing facial makes me feel elated. A head massage relieves tension and promotes sound sleep.
11. Taking a bath:
When life seems unfair and my heart is weary, a long, luxurious, bath often proves helpful.  It soothes my mind and calms me down. My scattered thoughts start making sense and my seething rage subsides. Bathing helps me to recover quickly.
12. Organizing that messy closet:
My closet is usually a huge mess and when my insides are aggravated, I give all my attention to organizing it.  It keeps my hands and my mind occupied for hours before everything is neat and orderly and by the time I’m done with it, I’m too exhausted to let my thoughts slide away into despair. The point is to just create hurdles in your mind to stop it from wandering into the dismal corners of life by keeping it preoccupied and distracted.
13. Singing:
I sing aloud when the waves of despair seem to be crashing over me. Singing disconnects me from my grief. My emotional scars start healing.
14. Quashing the victim:
When I’m depressed and life chokes me, I often feel like I’m the victim. It is very easy to get on the pity train and make yourself believe that it’s not your fault; that other people are responsible for your traumas. However, I have learned that to attain harmony, I have to train my mind to think otherwise. When I was in my victim mode, I completely forgot how to be happy. My injuries could not heal because I did not let them heal. Thank God I realized that in time and now whenever I’m glum and dejected, I keep repeating in my head that I’m in control. I tell myself my happiness is within me and that it’s my responsibility.  Sometimes life really gets out of control and my tranquility is destroyed by other people but I tell myself not to blame them. That way it’s easier to rekindle the desire to live a content life.
While the above suggestions will help you overcome your inner torments, let me remind you that they are based on my personal experience and in no way replace professional help. Moreover, please remember that nobody can help you if you are not ready and willing to help yourself for change comes from within.
 Written by Shumila Malik

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